Hélène Morlon


Professor, Institute of Biology, Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris,France

Title: Macroevolutionary consequences of genome evolution

Abstract: Genomes are being assembled for an increasing number of taxa, which gives us new opportunities for studying the macroevolutionary consequences of genome evolution. What characteristics of genome evolution, such as gene duplication and loss, lateral gene transfer, hybridization, or patterns of molecular evolution, affect the long-term evolution of species and phenotypic diversity? I will first present recent developments of phylogenetic comparative methods that can help us tackle this question. Next, I will show how these methods may be used to study how genome evolution affects diversification and phenotypic evolution. Finally, I will present preliminary results of two empirical studies: the first aims at understanding how gene duplication affects diversification in vertebrates; the second aims at understanding how patterns of molecular evolution shape phenotypic and species diversification in primates.